EVERYDAY ARTEFACTS lifestyle range

Everyday Artefacts homeware products

Everyday Artefacts first started out as homeware, aprons and tote bags range. I wanted to create something beautiful and tactile for everyday use. I endlessly played around with combinations of shapes and colours, and I loved it.

All manufacturing was done by Sparrow Society, a non-profit in Cape Town. “Our aim is to go beyond mere charity by providing the skills training and opportunities for our creators to earn a livable wage with dignity, and to go from merely surviving to thriving. We strive to create high quality products with ethically sourced materials. Change the World One Really Cool Product at a Time.”

A small selection of my range is still available at their beachfront store in Cape Town and online.

I stopped making the range, because in reality most of my time went into marketing, production and sales, and very little time was spent on creative work. I was also limited by the look ‘n feel I’d opted for. But mostly I missed working collaboratively with clients as I had done previously as a freelance graphic designer.

My hope is that Everyday Artefacts, as a branding design studio, retains the spirit of its beginnings: to create beauty that feeds the soul, and to help women express their true identities.