Seasonal brand personality: Winter

Jessica Rose Williams, the Queen of Minimalism and a fellow branding geek, has just taken her blog fulltime and launched her new e-course on how to build a year-round capsule wardrobe. She blogs regularly on all things minimalism, from traveling with only carry on to expert advice on a simple skincare ritual.

Jessica had a pretty good idea of what she needed when she came to me to design her logo. Of course, it had to be minimalist; nothing there that's not needed. We created a font that has lots of breathing space between the letters, and that felt personal and not one bit clinical.

Jessica Rose Williams logo

Jessica's brand personality is the winter season. Her colour palette is cool and with deeply contrasting light and dark hues. The winter personality can be described as grounded yet dynamic, understated, focused, modest and - not surprisingly - minimalist.

Business cards
Jessica Rose Williams website mockup
If you’re looking for some help with your branding I can’t recommend Everyday Artefacts enough. Margie is responsible for my new logo and I couldn’t be happier with it. Working with her was a dream.
— Jessica Rose Williams