Branding planning


My branding design work centres around your unique identity, purpose and values.

Far more than just a logo, this design process is about your whole look ‘n feel, across all your platforms. A clear intention — one that will convey your true identity, that’ll empower you to create a consistent visual identity and that’ll resonate with your like-minded people.

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Branding Design package

starting at £2650

Included in this package:

+ A consultation via phone

+ In-depth branding questionnaire

+ A moodboard

+ Branding design strategy — a colour psychology profile, moodboard etc.

+ A logo collection — a main logo, a submark and a favicon or symbol

+ A complete colour palette and its variations

+ Pattern or embellishments design

+ A comprehensive brand style guide — a complete colour palette, font collection and combinations etc.

+ Two collateral branding items — digital or print, e.g. social media graphics, packaging labels, stationery such as business cards, a simple newsletter template, web graphics, pdf download cover or simple template design

Need more?

Should you need extra collateral items designed, even if that’s over the course of a few months or a year, these can be added on at £150 per item.


Maddy Lawson

“Working with Margie has been a joy. Her process is clear and focused, and she treats each project with the highest level of care. She asks insightful questions, truly listening to the responses to ensure that her work really captures the essence of a brand's purpose and values. Creative and open-minded, with a talent for illustration, Margie is the perfect designer for soulful businesses seeking to tell their story with style.”



Who is it for?

This is for you, fellow small business owner & creative. You who are shattering the glass ceiling in your own way by being utterly yourself & doing what you love, not what you think you 'should' do. Your work has impact & integrity. You live & work with intention. You’re not perfect - who is? - but you’re enough. And you’ve got everything you need to create a visual identity that’s true to you & your business.

This is made with you in mind if…

+ You’re looking for an in-depth process or experience to work through to really flesh out your business identity — and looking to be guided by an empathetic designer that will help you unearth it all

+ You want to set an intention for your business — to make visible (and invest in) the values, purpose and identity that you’ve been working on behind the scenes

+ You’re starting a new business or your business has grown beyond its first visual identity and needs a new look to match your true identity and values

+ You’re looking for the whole deal — not only a logo, but a robust brand identity and framework that you can apply across all your platforms in a beautiful and cohesive way. No more daily decision-making about fonts & colours — you can trust the framework to keep your look consistent

+ You are in need of a tried-and-tested style guide that will put you, your team or any other creatives you work with on the same page and give you the confidence you need to show up in the world

Information guide

Got questions about the branding process? Head over to my information guide for a step-by-step description of my design process.

Any other questions?

I’d love to hear from you — to get in touch or to book a free call:

Your unique visual strategy


Not ready to commit to the full branding package?


I totally understand — committing to your complete brand identity design is a big step. One thing at a time is my mantra! I’d absolutely love to work with you on just the brand strategy document creation as well as the brand style guide. And you can always add on the rest of the phases at another time.

This will set you up with a clear creative direction to help you create a beautiful, cohesive look with intention and confidence.